Love Spells

As everyone thought, Egyptian Magic is not only serious, but also very light hearted and well meaning! Early Egyptians used magic to cast love spells on both men and women to mend their relationship and marriages and to seduce people so derive bliss and contentment. The ultimate goal of Egyptian magic love spells was to achieve the following:

  • Reunite Lovers, Return Lost Lovers and mend their broken relationship

  • Establish and deepen mutual feelings

  • Set right a broken Relationship

  • Make each other fall in deep love. 

  • Stop marital discord

  • Keep your partner faithful and committed

  • Eradicate the presence of the other man or woman

  • Derive maximum sexual attraction and lust

  • Help find deep and true love

  • Prevent others from taking man or woman

To cast love spells, the magician will perform several rituals, by gaining the help of a divine force called daimon; a daimon is magician’s assistant or a parhaedros. When a magician provides a command to these daimons, they will do a number of things that are the need of the hour. The main goal of binding or love spells is to harm or obstruct a planned victim. Many a time, these daimones will accomplish many tasks by using a number of techniques. One of them might appear in dreams of the victims, or to induce deep sleep to accomplish the goal of a love spell. There are also different types of love spells, or spells of attraction, where a woman will come to the site for different reasons, many times for sexual reasons alone. There many types of love spells based on the needs and requirements of the person and a magician will use the following steps to cast those love spells:

  • Preparation of the love spell: This step involves collecting and accumulating all necessary ingredients in the right location, along with the concerned individuals.

  • Overture of the love spell: Here, one starts the actual ritual consisting of spells, incantation or the desired invocation required for the love spells. It will also create the right type of environment and buttresses the communion effect among the participants.

  • Invocation procedures: The invocation or the chanting of words of power is the actual part of the main ceremony with the active cooperation of supernatural and divine forces in the ideological forms of a deity.

  • The Execution step: It is where the ritualized magical act of love spells are correctly coordinated and carried out.

A love spell-caster may use several materials and items to cast his spells; such materials are mostly biological materials belonging to the victim. One of the well-known materials used to induce love spells is the victim’s hair strands or even nail pieces. Some magicians may also command the opposite sex to consume some sort of aphrodisiacs that puts them under the spell of love and affection. One of the most popular natural aphrodisiacs is the Mandrake roots that can cast very effective love spells, when the opposite party consumes its potion. Magical rituals also involved making one to drink a magic potion soon after the magical spell. Lettuce is another natural aphrodisiac that can cast love spells among with the classical rituals.
In ancient Egypt, almost all love spells had a special deity attached to it and many of them are the most famous and highly revered deities like:

  • Apis: It is the breed of bull relating to the god of Memphis, god Ptah. He is a symbol of fertility and childbirth.

  • Bastet: It is the cat god that provides love and affection for the dear ones

  • Hathor: The eternal goddess for love, affinity, sex, dance, music and joy

  • Min: He is the god of fertility adorned with an erect phallus.

Several types of aromatic plants, soil and metals also find their place in love casting procedures:

  • Malachite: It is a green stone that provides joy and happiness

  • Myrrh: It is the incense of goddess of love, Hathor.

  • Phallus: It is the symbol of fertility and birth.



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Pic Love magic is the attempt to bind the passions of another, or to capture them as a sex object through magical means rather than through direct activity. It can be implemented in a variety of ways, such as written spells, dolls, charms, amulets, love potions, or different rituals..."

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